We are 

an organization that supports all initiatives that uses football as a means to improve the situation of homeless people in Belgium. Football is a very popular game that helps people to emancipate and integrate. This is why our project gets the support of the football clubs. Our organization is part of the international project ‘Homeless World Cup’. Priority is given to the personal growth of the players within the group dynamics. 


We want to 

give homeless people a chance to be part of a team and participate in games and tournaments for the homeless. We advise local teams and organize the national tournament. There is need for a more positive and nuanced image of homeless people. An active communication towards the general public is therefore of key interest.


Our ambition is 

to having a close cooperation with the local teams, good ties between the world of football, tradeandindustry and the social field. Although football is just a game, we strive to find a healthy balance between fair play, competitive and social aims.


We feel very strongly about 

fair play on and off the field, starting with respect for every person and his surroundings. We want the players to carry out a positive image, as they are more than just ‘homeless people’. We want the players, the local teams and the organization ‘Belgian Homeless Cup' to promote  this positive image.


We believe that 

every person who finds the courage and power to change his situation, is a winner. We are convinced that everyone has weaknesses, but strengths as well. Every person has talents and possibilities. No one is ‘hopeless’ or ‘lost’ for our society. The players can give their lives a positive twist by using the power within and the motivation that football gives. Of course, they should be given the right support as well. Not just the person himself, but the whole society has this responsibility. It’s the task of the society, the football clubs and public assistance to approach players in a positive way and offer them new opportunities.